How to: Roll out Quotas for Home Directories


One of the most powerful tools within the Northern Storage Suite is the ability to manage quotas on home directories. 

Configuration Notes

While there are a myriad of configuration options and


1) Open Quota Server and select File System Quotas


2) To create a new quota, right click in the quota display pane (far right) and click New.


3. When the Quota Server Policy Wizard opens, click Next to get started.


4. Select Add Quota and click Next.


5. Select the appropriate device type.  It is important to select the correct device type to ensure that the functionality for the target storage is correct.  In this example, Direct has been select because the target storage is attached to the Windows server directly.


6. Select Autodir.  This is the most efficient selection for home directories as when a new directory for a user is added, a quota will automatically be created.


7. Add the quota path - specically the directory which contains the user home directorties.  There are two methods for adding the path.  It can be typed in directly or the path can be browsed for and selected.


Option A: Manually enter the path, then click Add.  Multiple paths can be added if separated by a semicolon.


Option B:Browse to the path, select it, click the "+" button to add it.  Select mutliple paths if desired.  Click OK to complete the selection.


8. The selected path (or paths) will be listed in the wizard.  If this is correct, click Next, otherwise additional paths may be added (or removed).


9. Leave the Account setting as the defaul of Everyone.  Click Next to continue.


10. Set the quota size by entering a value and a unit.  In the example below, the quota has been set to 5242880000 bytes, which is the same as 500Mb.  Make sure that Enable is checked.


11.  Check the Level 1 box to enable thresholds.  Adjust the threshold values as desired as a percent value of the threshold.  For examaple: using the values shown below, a 500Mb quota would trigger threshold 1 (75%) at 375Mb, threshold 2 at 450Mb, and threshold 3 at 500Mb.


12. Set the action desired at each of the threshold levels.  Pass indicates no action (the setting used for definging a Soft Quota) and any of the Lock actions will set a Hard Quota.  The actions can be set differently for each of the three threshold levels.


13. Set the notification method for each of the three thresholds for both the User and the Administrative notification. A setting of None means that no notification will be sent.  The Mail option is suggested for most NSS installations when notification is desired.


14. If additional notification is desired, (daily notification of being over a particular threshold or notification when dropping below a threshold) check the appropraite boxes.