How to: Registering QSComApi.dll on a remote machine


Quota Server comes with a set of command-line tools for manipulating Quota information and settings. These tools can be used to integrate Quota Server with other applications. The command-line tools are written in C++ using the Quota Server COM API. The source code is available in the Quota Server SDK which can be made available upon request (contact your account manager). For the command-line tools to work, the file QSComApi.dll must be installed on your computer and it must have been registered.

This article describes how to register the QSComApi.dll file on a remote computer where NSS is not installed.



To register the QSComApi.dll file on a machine where NSS is not installed:

  1. Browse to the NORTHERN\Storage Suite\QS folder on an NSS server
  2. Copy the following files to the remote machine:
    • CM32CT6.DLL
    • CM32CR3.DLL
    • CM32UT4.DLL
    • CM32L6S.DLL
    • CM32L6.DLL
    • CM32DW4.DLL
    • QSComApi.DLL
  3. Open a command line on the remote machine and execute:
    regsvr32.exe [path to the copy location]\QSComApi.DLL

Confirm results

After registration you should get a message box saying DllRegisterServer in QSComApi.dll succeeded. If you get an error message saying that the module failed to load, please verify that you have all the necessary files in the same folder as the QSComApi.dll file.

KB Article: 2875

Updated: 8/22/2014

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  • Affected versions
    • NSS 9.0
    • NSS 9.5

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