How to: Modify Quota Server Notification Template


The Quota Server notification templates are the basis for emails that are sent to users and administrators when a quota threshold is crossed.  These templates can be customized to include any text the NSS administrator desires as well as data associated the quotas themselves.

Intended results

By modifying the text of the notifications, the NSS administrator can customize the body of notification emails sent.  It should be noted that by deault each NSS Quota Server has a separate set of templates.  To change a notification template on all NSS Quota Servers the templates will need to be edited on each server.

In addition, the names of the templates cannot be changed.  The names are standardized to be used for user or admin notification at the specific threshold levels.  Only the text of the emails can be changed.


1. Open NSS Quota Server.  In the Navigation Pane, click on the Quotas tab, then click Notification Templates.

2. In the Display Pane, select the quota to be modified.

3. Choose modify in one of three ways

The Edit dropdown menu:

Click the modification icon on the tool bar:

Or right click and select Modify as with the dropdown Edit menu option.

4. Click the Text tab and modify the contents as desired.

5. Finish the configuration by right clicking in the Properties Pane and selecting Apply (or cancel).

Confirm results

The easiest method to test the changes to a Notification Template is to cause a quota, that uses the edited Notification Template, to pass the relevant threshold. 

For example, if the template QS_UserTempl_3 in the Notification Template Group "VIP Portal" is modified, add files to a quota that uses this Tempalte Group until is passes the level 3 threshold. When the email notification is sent, verify that the changes made are as desired.


  • KB2807 How to: Using Variables in Quota Notification Templates
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  • KB Article: 2919

    Updated: 8/22/2014

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