How to: Export and import Quotas


Northern Storage Suite includes the ability to make a csv export of quotas configured on an NSS host and the ability to import a csv source to configure quota policies. These features are particularly useful when:

  1. Taking a backup copy of quota settings prior to maintenance work.
  2. As a means to mass-change quota policies in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Restoring quota policies after a server failure

This article will describe how the command-line tools QSExport and QSImport are used to achieve these goals.

Registering the QSComApi.dll
All NSS command-line tools require that QSComApi.dll is registered. This is done by default during installation but a manual registration may be required in some cases. If the ComApi is not registered the errors "Class not registered" or "Abnormal program termination" may be displayed when commands are executed.

The QSComApi is registered on an NSS host using the following command:
regsvr32.exe c:\Program Files\Northern\Storage Suite\QS\QSComApi.dll

Registration of the QSComApi.dll on a remote host requires that certain files are first copied to that host. Consult KB-2875 for further details.

Intended results

Taking a backup of quotas configured in Quota Server, viewing/editing the output csv file in Microsoft Excel and then importing quotas back into Quota Server.


Exporting and importing of quota settings is achieved with the command-line tools QSExport and QSImport. These tools are run from the command line and are located within the QS folder of the NSS installation.

These tools target specific Quota Server servers; exporting quotas managed by a specific Quota Server server and importing quotas to a specific Quota Server server. This 'server' parameter is defined when running the tool. Note that the Quota Server service on the targeted server must be running.


From the command-line, use the following syntax to export quota settings:

QSEXPORT servername > filename

C:\>“C:\Program Files\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\QS\qsexport.exe” server1 > datafile.csv

This will export all quota definitions from 'server1' to 'datafile.csv'. The export file format will be CSV, comma-separated.


The resulting export file can be viewed and edited in Microsoft Excel, choosing to convert text to columns when opening the files. Test changing the sizes of one or more quotas. It is, of course good practice to make a copy of the export file before editing. 


From the command-line, use the following syntax to import quota settings:

QSIMPORT servername < filename

example :
C:\>“C:\Program Files\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\QS\qsimport.exe” server1 < datafile.csv

This will import the quota configurations defined in 'datafile.dat' into 'server1'. Note that the Quota Server service does not need to be restarted after an import.

Confirm results

Success on export is confirmed by matching the content of the export file to the configuration still shown in the Quota Server interface. A successful import can be confirmed by viewing the new settings in the Quota Server interface.

If the export wasn't successfull, please make sure the Quota Server Service is running.
If you get the error code 0xF804FFFE then the service is not running or the server name is incorrect.

KB Article: 2823

Updated: 12/6/2016

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