How to: Create Path Categories


The purpose of this article is to describe how to create and manage Path Categories in NSS Console.

As the name suggests, Path Categories are a generic high-level categorization of paths. Path Categories should be used to group paths according to their type; service-close groupings such as 'H Drives', 'Projects' 'Group Drives', etc.

As organizations have different intended uses for different types of file shares, Path Categories can offer a powerful method of organizing information the NSS Console interface, making navigation and identification of inappropriate share use easier for data managers.

Another feature of NSS, Path Labels, offers the ability to group paths according to organizational parameters such as which cost center is associated with the path, which Organizational Unit, who is responsible for management of path content, etc. Path Labels are explained in KB-3116.

The NSS Console comes with a number of default Path Categories that can be used for the scanned paths, but you are free to create your own categories with customized names.

These are the default Path Categories:

  • Application
  • Departments
  • Projects
  • SharePoint
  • User Shares

Intended results

A new customized Path Category that is successfully applied to a path in the Data Scan.


  1. Go to the NSS Console Administration page and click on the tab named 'Path Categories'. Click on the button named 'Create Path Category' to create a new Path Category.

    Create Path Category
  2. Specify the name of your new Path Category and press the 'Apply'-button.

    Path Category Name

  3. The new Path Category is now added to the list. It's possible to remove Path Categories by clicking on the category row and then on the 'Delete Path Category'-button.

    Path Category Success

  4. Follow the steps in KB-3119 in order to connect your new Path Category to one or several paths.

Confirm results

Add the new Path Category to a path according to the instructions in KB-3119 and run a new Data Scan. When the Data Scan is finished, exit the administration tab and review the results in the NSS Console interface. Your new Path Category should now be displayed in the menu on the left hand side.

If the Path Category doesn't show up in the list it's usually because the paths affiliated with the Path Category haven't been added to the Access Rule for the logged on user. Ensure that the Access Rule includes the new path and try again. More information related to Access Rules can be found in KB-3120.

Another way to confirm that the paths have been properly categorized is to go to the Path Categories section in the Administration page after running a Data Scan and then expand one of the Path Categories. This will show all paths (and subpaths) that belong to the category in question.

For advanced troubleshooting, please contact the Technical Support team at Northern (


  • KB3116 How to: Configure Path Labels
  • KB3119 How to: Configure Data Scans
  • KB3120 How to: Configure Access Rules
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    Updated: 12/6/2016

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