How to: Create New Notification Template and Group


The email notifications sent when a quota reaches a set threshold are dependant on the Notification Template Group selected for that quota. This template group is chosen when a quota is configured and can be changed at a later time. It may be useful for the organization to make employ multiple template groups, assigning templates in French for users based in Quebec and English templates for those based in New York for instance. This article provides a step by step process for creating new Notification Template Groups and editing the templates themselves.

Notification Structure

Within a Notification Template Group there are up to 8 templates. The names of those templates indicate when they will be used.

QS_UserTempl_0 > user email when usage decreases below a threshold
QS_UserTempl_1 > user email when usage passes threshold one
QS_UserTempl_2 > user email when usagepasses threshold two
QS_UserTempl_3 > user email when usagepasses threshold three
QS_AdminTempl_0 > admin email when usage decreases below a threshold
QS_AdminTempl_1 > admin email when usage passes threshold one
QS_AdminTempl_2 > admin email when usage passes threshold two
QS_AdminTempl_3 > admin email when usage passes threshold three

The names of the templates cannot be changed. Within a group, there can only a single template with each name.


1. Open NSS Quota Server.  In the Navigation Pane, click on the Quotas tab, then click Notification Templates.

2. Create a New Template by opening the Edit Menu or right click in the Display Pane.  Click on New

or click on the New icon in the Tool bar:

3. Select the General (Templates) tab and enter values.

This is the NSS Quota Server that the template will be associated with.  Remember that each quota server has a separate set of templates.

This is the group that the template will be associated with. To create a new group, simply type in the name of the template group. If adding to a group that already exists, simply enter the name or select it from the dropdown menu. Notice: only one template can exist for each name, as described in the Notification Structure of this article.

The naming convention in the Notification Structure must be used. Only a single notification template for a user or admin at a specific threshold level can exist.
>>>It is only necessary to create notification templates for the threshold levels that will be configured to trigger mail notifications, i.e. if admin mails are only sent at threshold level three then only QS_AdminTempl_3 needs to be added.

File Suffix
Plain text emails will use the .txt format.  To create an email that uses html, enter .htm in the File Suffix field.

4. Select the Text tab and enter email text (and variables) as desired.

5. Complete the configuration by right clicking in the Properties Pane and selecting Apply.

Confirm Results

To confirm successful configuration of the new Notificaton Template Group, select the new group of notification templates in a test quota, then add data to the quota path to force it past one of the thresholds. Verify that the email notification sent is as expected.

The quota notification template group is set in the Quota Wizard:

Note that any mistake in the syntax of variables used in a notification template will prevent the email notification from being sent, an error will be printed in the Windows Event log highighting the invalid syntax.


  • KB2807 How to: Using Variables in Quota Notification Templates
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