What is/are: New in NSS 9.81 SR4 (Release Notes)


Support for LUHN Algorithm in Text-mining
File content analysis is a very powerful mechanism for the categorization of data, particularly in support of risk-focused workflows - showing data owners lists of files which are suspected to contain PII, PCI, or 'customer sensitive' data, and asking the users to re-locate, delete, or re-classify the files. A balance must be struck between numbers of false-positives and the risk of missing some potentially important files. Now, with the introduction of LUHN algorithm support, Northern has made it easier to strike that balance. Text-mining results for a number of identification numbers (credit card numbers, personal IDs, etc.) can be validated via LUHN; refining results and focussing efforts where they are most needed.
Timeout for Text-mining Process
File Systems and data footprints grow organically, their content is influenced by the many thousands of people who use them, and their structure defined and redefined by migration, acquisition, and transformation. Data Management solutions need to accommodate for, embrace even, this chaotic workplace. The introduction of time-out capabilities in NSS' text-mining processes provides the solution with immunity to corrupt files - files that would otherwise cause extended, and fruitless, content parsing.
Further Streamlining in Quota Operations
Some customers choose to add 'folder exclusions' to their quota configurations; setting quotas on home folders, but lifting restrictions for Lotus Notes folders, for example. NSS 9.81 SR4 strengthens this capability by ensuring that activity in excluded folders isn't simply discarded in quota usage calculations, it is entirely ignored. This leads to a reduction in NSS scanning activity on the target file shares - less load and faster quota response.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or salesglobal@northern.net to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.81 SR3 (9.81.21843.1802) and NSS 9.81 SR4 (9.81.22088.1805).

DNSSK-5579 NSR: Allow file content as input to rx.count()  
DNSSK-5572 NSR: Access violations in Permission reports for files with NULL permissions  
DNSSK-5566 NSR: Sticky fields (like WorkflowTag) are no longer copied to the new scan result  
DNSSK-5563 WebClient: Unknown Error when loading Scans page  
DNSSK-5496 WebClient: Integers (in this case of number of files) should not have decimals  
DNSSK-5474 NSR: Not all custom report fields work in custom Duplicate reports  
DNSSK-5473 NSR: AD Groups in SharePoint are not expanded  
DNSSK-5408 WebClient: The Permissions pop-up window has no title  
DNSSK-5397 WebClient: Export To CSV Column headers garbled when exported in Swedish  
DNSSK-5384 WebClient: Two dashboards show up as one  
DNSSK-5366 NSR: Add timeout options for NSSFilterHost process  
DNSSK-5362 NQS: Ensure events in excluded folders don't generate rescan requests  
DNSSK-5079 NSR: Enumerate all site collections on a SharePoint server  
DNSSK-4714 NSR: Text matching in combination with LUHN algorithm  


NSS 9.81 SR4 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

For customers with live Support and Maintenance agreements or solution subscriptions, access to this software package should be requested via mail. Please contact support@northern.net and request a download link.

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Updated: 5/16/2018

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