What is/are: New in NSS 9.81 SR3 (Release Notes)


Permissions Enumeration
Information about who has access to a file or file container provides a vitally important picture of how the file service is being used. It supports critical data management processes. Couple that information with other details, such as if a file contains PII or PCI, and the organization can both pinpoint and immediately act upon high-priority compliance and data protection deficiencies. NSS 9.81 SR3 introduces the ability to collect and display permissions information, at file and file container levels, in NTFS file systems, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.
  Show Share Owners the full list of active permissions on the shares that they manage. Highlight areas where inheritance has been broken or adapted. Use this information to support attestation processes.
  Provide Information Security Officers with dashboards that highlight sensitive data and show who has access. Provide them with a list of all files that appear to contain password information and which groups can access these files. Enumerate all users within the security groups to give a complete picture.
  Show SharePoint Library Owners where customer data is hidden within their libraries and who has access to it. Highlight files that have been shared. Show who they've been shared with.
  Provide SharePoint Site Collection Admins with dashboards that show all containers where the account 'Everyone' has Full Control rights. Give details of the types of information held within those containers.
Text-mining - Prioritizing Risks
NSS has been able to drill into files and identify text strings and patterns since NSS 9.8 (Nov, 2016). This capability has been continuously improved since then. The latest set of improvements enable customers to rank files according to the volume of sensitive data they contain. Action prioritization is far simpler when Information Security Officers can see that, of the one hundred files found to contain Social Security Numbers, three of them contain more than fifty entries.
Text-mining - Displaying Target Content
Since the capability to search inside files was first introduced customers have been able to choose if offending text strings or patterns, together with their context, is collected and displayed. Now, with the release of NSS 9.81 SR3, customers can also choose to only collect and display the offending text string or pattern, without the context. Sometimes it can be very useful to show the text that triggered a file to be flagged, but this data can also be very sensitive. By extending a customer's control over what is and what is not collected Northern is further tuning its solution to fit the need for robust workflows that fully maintain data privacy requirements.
Continuous Improvement
As with all Northern service releases, 9.81 SR3 introduces a long list of smaller changes and improvements. Collectively, the work that has been done ensures that this is the most stable, efficient and easily used version of NSS ever to be released.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or salesglobal@northern.net to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.81 SR2 (9.81.21580.1711) and NSS 9.81 SR3 (9.81.21843.1802).

DNSSK-5396 WebClient: Export to CSV column headers are in Swedish when running English Internet Explorer.  
DNSSK-5387 WebClient: Empty page is shown when adding a Custom Analysis widget in Internet Explorer 10.  
DNSSK-5373 WebClient: Empty area appears by refreshing page.  
DNSSK-5365 NSR: Backup privileges are not always enabled for the Quota Server license check.  
DNSSK-5361 NQS: QS Update Services traces too many "request for resending quotas". NP-9247
DNSSK-5356 NQS: MBCS String is not properly copied when sending to the QS Update Service. NP-9272
DNSSK-5342 WebClient: Failed to load data error when clicking on a usage number in Custom Analysis widgets.  
DNSSK-5324 WebClient: Improve display of columns that contain long text strings.  
DNSSK-5306 WebClient: Text for Add Permission button is incorrectly trimmed.  
DNSSK-5298 WebClient: "Grouped Path Label" grid widget times-out on large data set.  
DNSSK-5288 WebClient: Path Label usage doesn't allow you to change the path label.  
DNSSK-5287 WebClient: Path Label history resets the label selection when editing.  
DNSSK-5282 WebClient: Improve look and feel of Export page.  
DNSSK-5268 NSR: Add Permissions field for SharePoint items.  
DNSSK-5258 Webclient: NSS Toolkit doesn't always uninstall older versions.  
DNSSK-5254 NSR: Heap corruption in mimefilt.dll (the text-mining filter for .mht and .eml files).  
DNSSK-5248 WebClient: The tooltip for the chart types are not translatable.  
DNSSK-5242 WebClient: Widget title does not show on header.  
DNSSK-5235 WebClient: Set Workflow Tag is not allowed when there is a path above the top path.  
DNSSK-5226 WebClient: Aggregate Report Columns with Numeric(19,0) are not formatted as storage number.  
DNSSK-5221 WebClient: Too many columns appear when editing custom analysis widgets.  
DNSSK-5192 WebClient: Installation of NSS Console fails when the target application server is disconnected from the network.  
DNSSK-5152 WebClient: Cannot select custom column as sort column.  
DNSSK-5150 Installer : Files in use dialog is prompted when upgrading NSS Console.  
DNSSK-5149 WebClient: __value__ is shown when setting empty Workflow tag.  
DNSSK-5117 WebClient: It is possible to exceed the allowed number of characters for dashboard description, in edit mode.  
DNSSK-5112 WebClient: Changing number of items per page in the widget is not saved.  
DNSSK-5021 WebClient: Add more height to "Delete Files" window.  
DNSSK-5017 WebClient: Number of items on grid statistic doesn't change when applying a filter.  
DNSSK-5009 WebClient: Primary buttons should have the same blue color as the background.  
DNSSK-4951 WebClient: Owner drill-down widget is placed on the left part of the page.  
DNSSK-4855 WebClient: Application Roles fail to load when deleting the last Role on a page.  
DNSSK-4774 NSR: Make the match strings extracted during Text-Mining more configurable.  
DNSSK-4599 NSS: Add expression functions for folder/file ACLs.  
DNSSK-4093 WebClient: The widget name isn't shown correctly in the Growth Overview widget settings in the single path page.  
DNSSK-3997 WebClient: Add Excel Export for Data Owners in single path page.  
DNSSK-3957 WebClient: It is not possible to add "Growth Overview" and "Largest/Oldest Files" widgets on single path page.  


NSS 9.81 SR3 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

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Updated: 5/14/2018

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