What is/are: New in NSS 9.81 SR2 (Release Notes)


  • Continuous Improvement
    As a service release, the focus for development of NSS 9.81 SR2 has been placed on offering customers continuous improvements. Scalability, flexibility, and resilience are always priorities, and NSS 9.81 SR2 delivers. Some smaller features, such as extended CSV export and persisting view customization choices have been included, to uphold Northern's promise to continuously improve not only the function of the software, but also the user experience.
  • App Authentication for SharePoint (SPO and on-prem)
    An "app" (or add-in) can be granted read access to all present and future site collections in SharePoint. Doing away with the more cumbersome method of granting access for the software's service account, NSS 9.81 SR2 makes configuring and maintaining data management practices across SharePoint environments far more straightforward. Contact Northern's Support team if you wish to receive more information about how your organization could use this new capability.
  • First Stage Incremental Scanning Capabilities in Text-mining Scans
    Northern's ability to identify sensitive data, by parsing file content, is extremely valuable; enabling customers to expose and eliminate the dangers hidden within their unstructured data. When dealing with target file systems that contain many millions of files it can take time to present a result. NSS 9.81 SR2 introduces the first set of logic Northern is developing to improve the speed with which text-mining results can be generated. Using various file and folder attributes NSS is able to determine which files have not been modified since a scan was last run. Further logic is included to ensure files are not overlooked due to folder moves or renames. This new capability is especially useful in SharePoint environments due to the fact that site/library FolderPath attributes does not change). 
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or salesglobal@northern.net to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.81 SR1 (9.81.21381.1709) and NSS 9.81 SR2 (9.81.21580.1711).

DNSSK-5239 WebClient: Export to Excel doesn't work on custom report widgets when grid is not visible.  
DNSSK-5234 NSR: Cannot purge report table if the scan name changes from run to run  
DNSSK-5214 NQS: CDOT Quota Server can fail to find matching Volumes for Shares  
DNSSK-5208 WebClient: Modifying Single Path View when coming from multi-path page modifies default view profile  
DNSSK-5201 WebClient: "Action Center" opens when clicking on company logo.  
DNSSK-5193 WebClient: NSSX service does not start in timely fashion.  
DNSSK-5148 WebClient: It should be possible to export whole raw data report to CSV  
DNSSK-5147 WebClient: Workflow log page is missing translations.  
DNSSK-5135 WebClient: Tooltip on logs page sub-header is not showing translated text.  
DNSSK-5128 WebClient: Report widget wizard is showing column selection even when not adding grid.  
DNSSK-5122 WebClient: It is not possible to add largest/oldest files widgets to single path view.  
DNSSK-5119 WebClient: Remember the hide/show legend setting.  
DNSSK-5078 NSR: Implement app-authentication in SharePoint scanner.  
DNSSK-4713 NSR: Add first stage incremental scanning capabilities to text mining scans.  
DNSSK-4487 NSR: Create two new default file type groups.  


NSS 9.81 SR2 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

KB Article: 3360

Updated: 12/12/2017

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