What is/are: New in NSS 9.81 SR1 (Release Notes)


  • Efficient data management by data owners - File Actions
    Providing Data Stewards and business users with lists of files that are suspected to be redundant, transitory, or stored in violation of internal policy - Northern's solution offers a powerful method of supporting users out in the organization to better understand how the file service should be used and to improve the way in which they are using it. Now users can perform actions on files from directly within these reports.
    • Delete Files
      Offer users the possibility to immediately delete files selected in reports. Streamline the process of cleaning up unnecessary risk and reducing inefficient use. Respect existing file system permissions.
    • Quarantine Files
      Pre-configure a quarantine destination and allow users to move selected files into quarantine. These files can be reviewed by Records Managers to determine the next action; keep in quarantine, delete, or revert back to original location. Breadcrumb text files can be written into the original location to keep all users informed.
    • Label files to show next appropriate action - Workflow Tags
      Allow certain user groups to label files, but not perform actions directly. Have them highlight files they suspect to be Records and then have Records Managers process all files that have been labelled as Records on a weekly basis; moving them into the relevant records management systems. Users can be required to provide a reason for the label they apply; "Do Not Delete" can be supported with the reason "Subject to Legal Hold".
    • Full Control
      The ability to perform file actions can be carefully controlled; respecting file system permissions by using the credentials of the logged on user, requiring that the user re-authenticates before performing file actions, and logging of all actions to ensure auditability. Dynamic 'breadcrumb' files can be left when files are moved to quarantine, so all users are aware that the file has been consciously moved, by whom, when, and for what reason. Requiring that users provide a 'Reason' when performing a file action or adding/changing a workflow label guides users to think before they act, and to publish the result of that thought process. The security context of an administrative account can be used when moving files to quarantine, allowing the ability to move files into quarantine to be widely available, but permissions to read/modify in the quarantine area to be carefully restricted.
  • Data management workflows
    Data management workflows can be established using a combination of Workflow Tags, Security Roles, focused dashboards, and File Actions. By establishing a hierarchy of user groups; Record Managers, Data Stewards, and Data Contributors, and providing the different groups with relevant Security Roles and dashboards, workflows for data review and mitigation can be implemented. Data is managed in a process-oriented fashion to mitigate unnecessary risk exposure and inefficient storage use. Review and processing of data at user exit or transfer, bi-weekly identification and mitigation of sensitive data stored in unsecured file shares, weekly review and mitigation of working copies of records stored outside of records management systems, etc. Technology-supported workflows to support the efficient fulfilment of written policies and best-practices.
  • Ensure that each user group gets the information that is relevant for their data management tasks
    View Profiles have been available for some time. NSS 9.81 SR1 makes the configuration, distribution, and modification of View Profiles a far more straightforward process. Users with administrative privileges have access to all View Profiles. They can view and modify dashboards and widgets and have their changes immediately distributed to all groups using those View Profiles. If individual users have modified their personal dashboards ("My Dashboards") then these changes are not over-written.
  • Summarizing file lists with charts enables faster risk identification and action
    In terms of analysis of file service use, Northern's solution is capable of delivering summary information and trends, as well as file-level information that is filtered, sorted and grouped. Tied together these capabilities enable current inefficiencies and risks to be quickly identified and mitigated. NSS 9.81 SR1 adds another powerful tool in this process - graphical representation of file-level analyses. Not only is this an important interim step when moving from high-level summary to targeted file-lists, it also acts as an intuitive filtering tool. Having identified that members of your team are unnecessarily retaining information about past job applicants, the process of determining who the 'offenders' are, isolating and then deleting the associated files, is made far more streamlined via a tree-map graphical representation that acts as a navigation tool in filtering of the main file list.
  • Improved navigation and data display
    Improving user experience and effort/results ratios is a constant focus. All groups within the organization are considered; business users, help desk staff, operations teams, and administrators.
    • Make tasks clear and easily executed
      Targeting all those who work with the information gathered by NSS; aesthetic changes in navigation and display will improve efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you're an infrastructure manager looking for this month's update on file service use, or a business user looking to clean up a project site after the project's close, NSS 9.81 SR1 delivers effective and efficient data management capabilities.
    • Guide users to take the right course of action
      The ability to add dashboard and widget descriptions, with links to external resources, allows the organization to clearly communicate with the individuals using the self-service interface. Describe what the users are expected to do with the information displayed in each dashboard; what actions they should take. Link to policy documents on the organization's intranet that more thoroughly define corporate policy, roles, and responsibilities.
    • Streamlined administrative tasks
      NSS 9.81 SR1 introduces significant changes for those users who work with configuring and supporting the application itself. All administrative tasks are now performed through a new menu with sections broken-down into a more intuitive flow. The goal is to reduce the effort required to deliver and maintain a robust data management platform that can be used by all users across the organization.
  • Review how Data Management policies are being followed
    With more and more organizations taking the opportunity to give data owners responsibility for the management of their data, guided by technology-supported processes, the need to make auditing data more accessible became a priority. NSS 9.81 SR1 delivers on the need to audit how users are utilizing the capabilities of the solution in a user-friendly and intuitive way.
  • NSS Toolkit is now shipped in the main software distribution package
    The NSS Toolkit, a command-line utility used to simplify certain configuration processes, is now included in the NSS software download as a separate installer module. You can read more about the NSS Toolkit here: KB-3150.
  • Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported
    Northern strives to deliver outstanding user experiences, this means following browser development and incorporating the technical advances in these platforms. Microsoft ceased support for Internet Explorer 8 in January 2016. Northern is now, with the release of NSS 9.81, ending support for this IE version. More recent versions of Internet Explorer, as well as modern versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome are supported.
NOTE: The commercial agreement in place between your organization and Northern will affect which software capabilities are available to you. Please contact your Account Manager, or salesglobal@northern.net to discuss the use cases NSS can be put to in your organization.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.8 SR2 (9.80.20993.1704) and NSS 9.81 SR1 (9.81.21381.1709).

DNSSK-4831 WebClient: Column is shown many times when adding a widget for Abandoned files report  
DNSSK-4805 WebClient: It should be possible to require a reason for any file action  
DNSSK-4787 WebClient: Not possible to filter on string value with "Does not contain"  
DNSSK-4782 WebClient: Return multiple view profiles for a user  
DNSSK-4770 Epic: Log Purge Policy  
DNSSK-4761 WebClient: It is not possible to filter on string value with "Is equal to"  
DNSSK-4757 WebClient: It is not possible to filter boolean values in a grid  
DNSSK-4755 WebClient: Copy of path in Grid is not available  
DNSSK-4748 WebClient: Changes on Single Share View disappear when switching to other dashboards  
DNSSK-4746 WebClient: User Rules on Workflow Log  
DNSSK-4743 WebClient: Cancel Running Job capability should be available  
DNSSK-4741 WebClient: Reload action lists after the user performs an action  
DNSSK-4708 NSS: Add process list with CPU usage, etc. to Dr. Northern  
DNSSK-4696 WebClient: Add NSSX Audit log and Workflow log views  
DNSSK-4994 NQS: Trailing paths in share definitions cause quotas not to work NP-9139
DNSSK-4695 Epic: Ability to view log information in NSS Console  
DNSSK-4685 Epic: Add Quarantine view  
DNSSK-4674 WebClient: New Administration menu  
DNSSK-4669 WebClient: NSSX trace files are always placed into c:  
DNSSK-4668 WebClient: Be able to track the job and report on success/failure  
DNSSK-4628 WebClient: Setting for Workflow Tags  
DNSSK-4627 WebClient: Add general settings for workflow  
DNSSK-4626 WebClient: Add file Workflow Settings page  
DNSSK-4614 WebClient: Add logging to the NSS Console actions  
DNSSK-4568 WebClient: 'Include subs' setting change is not preserved between page switches  
DNSSK-4563 WebClient: Helpdesk Application Role description is unclear  
DNSSK-4551 WebClient: Make it possible to add/edit dashboards in a View Profile  
DNSSK-4549 WebClient: Show both personalized and View Profile dashboards  
DNSSK-4541 WebClient: Set Workflow Tag  
DNSSK-4527 WebClient: Summary display For File List widgets, including diagrams  
DNSSK-4513 WebClient: Adding Of Path Rule is not logged with user and path  
DNSSK-4512 Installer: Update Wix package  
DNSSK-4451 WebClient: History Chart Legend is not sorted by size  
DNSSK-4445 WebClient: Controls jump when adding a grid widget  
DNSSK-4441 WebClient: File Name and Owner columns should show full string on hover  
DNSSK-4421 WebClient: Show legend button should be invisible when editing dashboard/widget  
DNSSK-3058 WebClient: Clicking on dashboard links should not change the active dashboard colour  
DNSSK-5110 NQS: Auto user and auto group don't create a new quota when a new user adds a file  
DNSSK-5088 WebClient: Add the ability to hide the main menu  
DNSSK-5087 WebClient: Add and show widget description  
DNSSK-5086 WebClient: Possibility to set and show dashboard description  
DNSSK-5062 NQS: Quota Server fails to find matching volume for share in CDOT  
DNSSK-4646 WebClient: Adding an existing path on access rules shows "Unknown Error"  
DNSSK-4802 WebClient: Unknown error when trying to send a welcome mail if SMTP is not configured  
DNSSK-4763 WebClient: Owner Filter in single path view has no effect  
DNSSK-4814 WebClient: "Does not contain" filter doesn't work on Access Rules page  
DNSSK-4829 WebClient: File Scanned and Rows Stored numbers are not formatted  
DNSSK-4840 WebClient: Not able to change the description of roles  
DNSSK-4887 WebClient: Total Growth Widget times-out on large dataset  
DNSSK-4962 WebClient: "\n" in a chart legend is interpreted as newline  


NSS 9.81 SR1 is a GA version. Meaning that it is available to customers who are experiencing unexpected behaviour in an older version that is listed as resolved in the table above, and to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities introduced in this version.

KB Article: 3288

Updated: 12/12/2017

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