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Any healthy organization will generate information, and information is a good thing, but too much of anything can be a challenge. The amount of data handled in the majority of organizations is growing at 50% or more year over year. A large part of that is unstructured and user generated data, which in most cases grows at a faster pace than the overall amount of data. Few organizations can boast adequate insight into their ever-expanding pool of unstructured data and even fewer have a real ability to control the accelerating change. As a consequence, there is unnecessary – often uncontrolled – risk and waste of resources and more and more organizations are acknowledging that a robust answer to these challenges is a business requirement.


For more information, or to discuss how Northern can assist your organization with data compliance, protection, governance or efficient file service use, please contact us by phone or send your questions to info@northern.net.

NORTHERN is dedicated to helping organizations gain control over their unstructured and user generated data. By gaining control, organizations avoid unnecessary costs; handle compliance related issues with their user generated data; and reduce the operational risks related to their IT infrastructure. The in-house developed solution, Northern Storage Suite, is used by organizations around the world with large numbers of users and/or large amounts of unstructured data. Northern believes in a user and data-centric approach to gaining control of unstructured data – an approach that Northern applies across hardware platforms, sites, data sources and file formats, to ensure that customer value is delivered as these organizations evolve over time.

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