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Northern empower employees to manage their data through self-service portal

As a longtime customer of Northern, the municipality of about 55,000 inhabitants an hour south of Stockholm, has been controlling their employees’ data usage through disk quotas since 2011. This has reduced the amount of data being unnecessarily kept and hence the unnecessary direct and indirect costs. The municipality is now further developing the service provided to employees and automating the support provided by the IT department.

Earlier this year the municipality invested in a self-service portal for its employees for all things related to IT services. This opened up for integrating Northern’s solution into the portal, providing users with information on where they stand against the limits, and allowing them to request additional space.

Northern’s integration into the self-service platform is also giving the users information about the data they are storing, how much it’s growing, how old it is and what file types have been saved. This means that users can easily take responsibility for their data, and without involvement from the IT department move, archive and delete data. They also get a better understanding of their own usage, helping them find non-work-related data or data that could impose risk to the organization.

With the new self-service platform and an increased focus on data through the Northern integration, the municipality is also taking the first tangible step towards being compliant with the new the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EU’s European-wide strengthening of how all organizations ensure personal information is handled in a more secure way.

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