The capabilities of the core software that should be used will depend on the priorities of the customer organization and the current state of the unstructured data foot-print. Optimal configuration and integration of these capabilities depend on the file service architecture and current working practices.

Northern uses a consultative and collaborative approach in all customer engagements in order to guide the work of identifying goals, developing strategies and implementing the necessary policies and procedures.

Working closely with relevant stakeholders within the customer organization ensures that efforts are focused on specific and achievable goals, that the appropriate capabilities of the core software are employed, and that on-going units of work are limited or eliminated through intelligent integration and automation.

This combination of a standard, in-house developed, software product and collaborative engagement is proven to deliver efficient and sustained value.

The capabilities of the core software are divided into five solution areas, encouraging customers to take an iterative approach to user data management:

Data Stewardship Framework
Establish and maintain a clear picture of data ownership within the organization.
Centralized File Service Management
Gain full visibility on patterns of file service use and implement strict policies to control that use.
Distributed Data Management
Provide self-service access to the information and workflows necessary to pro-actively manage data.
Information Governance and Compliance
The information and tools necessary to facilitate and monitor adherence to compliance frameworks.
File Service Cost Distribution
An automated and integrated method of calculating and billing for file service use.

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