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New in NSS 9.90 SR4 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3385 (4/15/2019)

◾ Improved Support for Multi-level AggregationIt's always been possible to configure NSS to analyse file systems at multiple levels; aggregating data at the top folder level as well as one, two...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22876.1904 [9.90 SR4]

New in NSS 9.90 SR3 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3379 (2/11/2019)

◾ Performance improvements in Suspected Duplicate File analysesFile duplication is a major source of data sprawl, and a telling symptom of specific inefficient/hazardous working practices. NSS ...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22682.1902 [9.90 SR3]

New in NSS 9.90 SR2 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3378 (12/7/2018)

◾ Stability and PredictabilityAs a service release sprint, the focus for this latest development cycle has been on solidifying the advances made in NSS 9.90 and 9.90 SR1; fixing issues and maki...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22550.1812 [9.90 SR2]

New in NSS 9.90 SR1 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3377 (11/19/2018)

◾ New Interface for Configuring File Service Content AnalysesNSS offers a very powerful content analysis engine; collecting, comparing, filtering, and grouping file service content according to...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22449.1810 [9.90 SR1]

Configure EMC Unity & NSS

KBID: #3354 (6/28/2018)

In order for Quota Server to deliver hard locking quotas and file blocking capabilities on EMC Unity, a number of pre-requisites must be in place. A successful integration with EMC's CEPA framework is...

Affected Version(s): NSS 9.7, NSS 9.8, NSS 9.81

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