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New in NSS 9.90 SR5 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3386 (5/20/2019)

◾ Scalability and UsabilityNSS 9.90 SR5 builds on the advances made in previous 9.90 service releases. Customers are increasingly moving to this major version in order to realise the value NSS ...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22929.1905 [9.90 SR5]

New in NSS 9.90 SR4 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3385 (4/15/2019)

◾ Improved Support for Multi-level AggregationIt's always been possible to configure NSS to analyse file systems at multiple levels; aggregating data at the top folder level as well as one, two...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22876.1904 [9.90 SR4]

New in NSS 9.90 SR3 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3379 (2/11/2019)

◾ Performance improvements in Suspected Duplicate File analysesFile duplication is a major source of data sprawl, and a telling symptom of specific inefficient/hazardous working practices. NSS ...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22682.1902 [9.90 SR3]

New in NSS 9.90 SR2 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3378 (12/7/2018)

◾ Stability and PredictabilityAs a service release sprint, the focus for this latest development cycle has been on solidifying the advances made in NSS 9.90 and 9.90 SR1; fixing issues and maki...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22550.1812 [9.90 SR2]

New in NSS 9.90 SR1 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3377 (11/19/2018)

◾ New Interface for Configuring File Service Content AnalysesNSS offers a very powerful content analysis engine; collecting, comparing, filtering, and grouping file service content according to...

Affected Version(s): 9.90.22449.1810 [9.90 SR1]

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