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New in NSS 9.81 SR3 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3361 (2/22/2018)

◾ Permissions EnumerationInformation about who has access to a file or file container provides a vitally important picture of how the file service is being used. It supports critical data manag...

Affected Version(s): 9.81.21843.1802 [9.81 SR3]

New in NSS 9.81 SR2 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3360 (12/12/2017)

Continuous ImprovementAs a service release, the focus for development of NSS 9.81 SR2 has been placed on offering customers continuous improvements. Scalability, flexibility, and resilience are alwa...

Affected Version(s): 9.81.21580.1711 [9.81 SR2]

New in NSS 9.81 SR1 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3288 (12/12/2017)

Efficient data management by data owners - File ActionsProviding Data Stewards and business users with lists of files that are suspected to be redundant, transitory, or stored in violation of intern...

Affected Version(s): 9.81.21381.1709 [9.81 SR1]

Change the interface logotype

KBID: #3287 (5/9/2017)

The purpose of this article is to explain how to change the 'Northern'-logotype in the reporting interface to an official company logo or something of a similar nature.  A customized logotype ...

Affected Version(s):

New in NSS 9.8 SR2 (Release Notes)

KBID: #3286 (5/3/2017)

Text mining within SharePoint and OneDrive for Business (SharePoint Online)Now the ability to identify text strings and patterns has been extended to include files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive ...

Affected Version(s): 9.80.20993.1704 [9.8 SR2]

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