SPGPrints takes control of their user-generated data with NSS

SPGPrints is a global leader in the textile and graphics printing market with their head office in the Netherlands and subsidiaries across the globe. 

The company’s head office in Boxmeer had previously implemented disk quotas in their NetApp environment but the process to maintain and administer these quotas was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Better automation of this process was the initial goal but together with Northern they saw that User Data Management could be taken to a whole new level.

With the help of Northern Storage Suite (NSS) SPGPrints are able to create a fully automated process around quota management as well as deliver relevant reports on usage and trends to the end-user, their managers and department heads. 

Furthermore, the management of SPGPrints now has easy access to the much needed information about what the companies user data consists of, who are over-utilizing the resources and how the pool of data is growing. This allows SPGPrint to lower its operational risk and plan future investments based on facts, saving time and money.

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