Large Dutch Healthcare Provider Gains Control of its Storage Growth with UDM

Controlling data growth and managing cost are important to any organization, even more so if the structure is large and complex. In the case of this Dutch healthcare provider having more than 10,000 users divided over 120 business units in five different geographical locations, it’s easy for the data growth to start running amok.

After a few years of outsourced storage infrastructure the organization made the decision to insource again and a year later they discover that their user data had grown by 100%. Without policies in place it was easy to realize that this trend would continue and costs would quickly become unmanageable.

Using Northern Storage Suite they are able to implement User Data Management (UDM) policies to gain control over their user-generated data and provide the responsible managers within the BUs with information about their data and cost to the organization this data results in. This information allows the organization as a whole to take action in order to clean up unwanted data and slow the data growth.

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