Leading architectural firm chooses Northern

Northern is happy to announce that one of the largest architectural firms in the world has chosen Northern’s User Data Management (UDM) solution to help them get control over their growing amounts of corporate user-generated data.

In an industry like construction and architecture the core business relies heavily on data creation, which poses both a challenge and an opportunity when it comes to management of that data. On the one hand it’s imperative to never hinder the creativity within a project. On the other hand, this kind of creative industry is likely to produce substantial amounts of data, and having insight into growth patterns and exercising a certain amount of control is crucial. Every project contains 3D Renderings, Engineering Documentation, CAD drawings and Illustrations, and these files are often big and created by a relatively small number of people. This means that it is probably easy to free up a lot of storage space, just by cleaning up a few pieces of data.

By using Northern Storage Suite, the American architectural firm will get greater visibility into their pool of data, something that will make them understand where growth is coming from and consequently help them predict future usage trends. They will be able to make a data cleanup by providing users with top lists of the data they are storing, making it easier for them to take action. By exposing costs and educating departments and end users, they can encourage a change in users’ behavior and attitudes towards corporate data storage. Finally, an implementation of policies will help them to control the growth.

”This is a very exciting industry, where we see a lot of possibilities for enterprises to make significant savings”, says Jonas Areskoug, CEO at Northern. ”On average, our customers see an initial reduction of around 15% of their user-generated data storage, and a 5-10% yearly reduction in future growth. However, considering this particular industry with its relatively high amount of user-generated data when compared to the number of users it has, it is quite possible that this firm could see a much more dramatic initial cleanup and reduction in annual growth rates.”

User Data Management (UDM) is a strategic issue that involves the whole company. Northern works with a goal-driven process together with its customers, to deal with the challenges and opportunities that the user-generated data creates. Northern shares its best practice understanding of User Data Management through The Northern Approach, which is continuously updated and enhanced as the expertise develops in interaction with Northern’s extensive customer base.

”We’re honored that we’ve got the chance to help and add value to such a prestigious firm, applying The Northern Approach through UDM”, concludes Jonas Areskoug.

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