Northern Storage Suite implemented in a growing number of healthcare organizations to manage exponential increase in data

Stockholm, Sweden – July 6, 2011 – NORTHERN, global providers of Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions, have seen a significant increase in demand from the healthcare sector, underscored by several recent installations at some of the most prominent healthcare organizations in the U.S. Hawaii's biggest healthcare provider, the nation's most distinguished provider of post-acute care, and one of the largest privately-owned healthcare insurance companies in the U.S  are among a number of notable healthcare organizations that have selected Northern Storage Suite to manage their data. Efficient and cost-effective storage of unstructured data, as well as EMRs (electronic medical records) has become an increasingly acute challenge given the widespread adoption of digital medical imaging technologies, the need to comply with state and local retention policies, HIPAA mandated disaster recovery regulations, and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) provisions -- all factors driving the increased demand for the company's flagship SRM solution, Northern Storage Suite.

The implementation of electronic records and advances in medical imagery put great pressure on existing storage capacity, which is further compounded by the explosion of unstructured data.  Healthcare organizations are already incurring higher management costs due to escalating data growth. Northern Storage Suite enables healthcare organizations to implement an effective data management strategy that allows IT administrators to manage the inflow of unstructured data, maximize storage utilization, plan for (as well as defer) capacity increases, assure data availability and keep IT costs under control.

"Operating efficiencies in today's healthcare organization is almost by definition linked to the organizations ability to efficiently store the massive amounts of digitized diagnostic data, as well as the floods of unstructured data," says Jonas Areskoug, Northern’s CEO. "Our experience with some of the nation's most forward-thinking healthcare organizations and medical centers points to the necessity of beginning with a strategy that incorporates best practices for backup and storage of medical images, and all types of digital information across the provider enterprise. Northern Storage Suite makes unstructured data more manageable, efficient, reliable and cost-effective,  playing a central role in improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery."  

Northern recently received the coveted “Challenger” designation in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the SRM market, outstripping other SRM vendors in its completeness of vision, its ability to execute, and its ability to identify and resolve customer pain points. Northern Storage Suite provides multi-platform support, seamlessly integrating with NAS devices and SANs; there are also specific versions of the suite for EMC Celerra and NetApp NAS.

Northern’s flagship product, Northern Storage Suite, is a software solution that enables organizations to constrain data growth, align the value of data with the cost of storage, and extend the life of storage infrastructure, making efficient storage usage a part of business culture. This is achieved through five areas of functionality: award-winning quotas, comprehensive reporting & trending, internal billing, automation & migration, and an end-user portal that encourages self-management. Integrating Northern Storage Suite into an enterprise-wide healthcare organization enables:  

•    Reduce redundancy, streamline backup and disaster recovery
•    Assure fast access to stored data from any location at any time.
•    Anticipate future needs leveraging Northern Storage Suite's robust reporting and trend analysis capabilities. As the environment grows in terms of remote offices (clinics, physicians’ offices, etc.),physical space requirements, and common file servers, Northern Storage Suite allows the IT organization to maximize existing storage infrastructure, defer new investments, and accommodate growth without impacting storage resource management and administration.

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