Northern Storage Suite 8.6 released; focuses on improved reporting and visibility

Northern announces the release of Northern Storage Suite 8.6, which adds enhanced discovery and automation to its robust reporting tool, increasing visibility across the storage infrastructure without adding administrative overhead.  

One of the key new features offers "scripted path definition,"  enabling system administrators to adapt reports to all manner of network and file system configurations on-the-fly. Typically, storage are created by defining what properties to look for (file type, size, age, owner, etc,.) and where to look (\\\users\, \\machinename\department\, etc.). By defining the ‘where’ by running a pre-written script prior to running the report, admins can now automate the capture of user share definitions from Active Directory, match department membership and only include user shares for members of a specific department, parse xml, txt or Excel files to collect path definitions. While there are similarities between network and file system configurations, there are always differences; affording this level of customization in report definition ensures that unforseen network "peculiarities" are discovered and accounted for, without adding to administrative overhead.

Northern Storage Suite 8.6 comprehensively optimizes reporting functionality and includes an array of incremental enhancements that improve overall performance and reliability.  

"Storage management is an ongoing challenge, as networks and  technologies evolve and organizations adapt to a changing business landscape,"  says Jonas Areskoug, Northern’s CEO. "The new version of Northern Storage Suite delivers a host of focused improvements that simplify the task of constraining data growth, enabling administrators to assure optimal storage and system performance without tying down valuable staff resources."

Northern recently received the coveted “Challenger” designation in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the SRM market, outstripping other SRM vendors in its completeness of vision, its ability to execute, and its ability to identify and resolve customer pain points. Northern’s flagship product, Northern Storage Suite, is a software solution that enables organizations to constrain data growth, align the value of data with the cost of storage, and extend the life of storage infrastructure, making efficient storage usage a part of business culture. This is achieved through five areas of functionality: award-winning quotas, comprehensive reporting & trending, internal billing, automation & migration, and an end-user portal that encourages self-management. Northern Storage Suite provides multi-platform support, seamlessly integrating with NAS devices and SANs; there are also specific versions of the suite for EMC Celerra and NetApp NAS.

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