Northern's CEO Blogs at CIO about Streamlining Storage by Combining SRM and Data De-Duplication

According to a recent survey conducted by AFCOM, an association that monitors trends in data centers, IT budgets will lose 38 percent of funding previously allocated for servers, switches, power and cooling, and other hardware. As companies gird for a challenging year, there will be -- as there already is -- increasing pressure on IT organizations to do more with less. Or, to be more accurate -- to do even more with even less…as doing more with less has been a guiding principle under which IT professionals have long toiled. However, extending the life of your hardware often means compromise; cut too many corners, raise too many thresholds, push too many servers to their limit and users will start to grumble as throughput is diminished or data is unavailable…it’s a very delicate balancing act.

Read the full post: Streamlining Storage by Combining SRM and Data De-Duplication

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